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Our Lakewood community centered acupuncture is actually really just community-minded, your sessions are absolutely one-on-one and customized to your individual holistic health needs.

Offering modern acupuncture for holistic health minded individuals, hopeful mothers, pregnant and soon-to-be mamas, those of you in pain, and those seeking wellness in a private and customized setting. Wooden Gate Acupuncture in Lakewood is a place where you can relax, let the world outside be, and take time for yourself.

Whether it be allergies, infertility, pain management, hormone management, stress reduction, immunity support, or any number of health concerns, many people turn to acupuncture for its ancient benefits that transcend into effective modern day alternative health options.

Acupuncturist Near Me (Live in Lakewood? You Found it!)

Wooden Gate Acupuncture in Lakewood Co is owned and operated by myself, Amy Miley. I have a Masters in Science for Oriental Medicine and I am trained, certified and licensed as an Acupuncturist. Additionally, I have taken part in extensive training and certification in Ancient Chinese Medicine and even offer Doula services to compliment my work for pregnant women.

All of my education is to serve you in the highest way for your optimal health and wellness. My approach is gentle and customized toward you. When looking for best reviewed acupuncturist in Lakewood, it’s a little dizzying! There are many choices and I encourage you to make the decision that feels the best for you in your heart and mind.

I offer complimentary consultations (click to book!) for acupuncture in Lakewood (in my office at 9150 W. Jewell Ave. Ste. 111, Lakewood, CO 80232).

Lakewood Acupuncture for Better Health, Infertility, Pain, Allergies

Acupuncture helps with so many modern health issues. Sometimes called an alternative medicine or holistic health treatment, acupuncture and Ancient Chinese Medicine have withstood centuries because of their positive and well documented health benefits. You can start to heal with acupuncture.

Ancient Chinese Medicine, Modern Acupuncture in Lakewood

Modern acupuncture is honestly similar to ancient Chinese acupuncture. It’s stayed very close to its original traditions because it works for so many people. When you come to an acupuncture appointment, we will go over all of your health concerns first. Next, you will lay comfortably and privately in our acupuncture clinic treatment room (which is is set up more like a comfortable living room).

The needles are rarely felt as they go in. After about 10 minutes or so, many acupuncture clients doze into some of the most restful sleep they’ve ever had. In about 45 minutes, your acupuncturist (me!) will come and gently wake you if you haven’t yet, and remove the needles, again painlessly. The after-effect of acupuncture is a deep sense of peace, relaxation, and empowerment.

Best Acupuncturist in Lakewood Co (You Have Choices!)

The best acupuncturists in Lakewood Co are plentiful. You have so many to choose from, and simply put, my colleagues and fellow practitioners are all unique and incredibly amazing. Innately, from choosing our profession, most of us are mindful and well aware of holistic health, making any acupuncturist in Lakewood a wonderful choice.

For me, I love to work with fellow thoughtful individuals, people who appreciate and are curious about Chinese medicine, and those who have an openness to holistic health.

Want to Try Acupuncture in Lakewood, Co? Complimentary Consultations Available.

Trying acupuncture for the first time? Just moved here and need to find an acupuncturist you can trust and relate to? Has a health concern just popped up? Or, maybe you’ve taken an acupuncture break and need to get back into your practice. I’m here for you.

At Wooden Gate Acupuncture in Lakewood Co, my goal is to help you feel comfortable and heal. To offer a gentle introduction to me, my practice, or acupuncture in general, I offer a free 15-minute welcome meeting or call to see if we are a good fit.

Simply click here to schedule your complimentary consultation. I am looking forward to connecting with you and thank you for taking the first step towards healing and acupuncture.

You are so brave for taking care of yourself!