My Why

Amy Miley, LAC, MSOM

The initials after my name mean Licensed Acupuncturist & Master’s Science in Oriental Medicine. I’m regulated by a national board (NCCAOM), and I’ve got to stay accredited through them to maintain my license.  The MSOM part refers to my training in Chinese Herbal Medicine.


In my early twenties, I was very active.  I was a runner who worked out a lot and I loved my strong body. 

Then everything shifted. I got sick. My joints started swelling, my body became inflamed and achy and I started running fevers for no reason.  Open & painful sores popped up in the mucosal linings of my body and I had sores in my intestines. It took multiple doctors and two years to find a working diagnosis but knowing that my symptoms had a name didn’t satisfy me.  I wanted to know why this was happening, what the root of the disease was and what I could do to heal myself. I was given medications with horrible side effects to suppress my immune system and mask the pain. I was in a dark tunnel and none of my doctors could pull me out.  I knew I had to do something for myself.

My intuition led me to holistic health.  My only option was to learn how to start listening to what my body was telling me.  I started to understand how my diet and emotions and stress played a role in how I felt.  I sought out other modalities like chiropractic, meditation, yoga, and finally, Acupuncture and herbal healing.  Acupuncture and herbs worked for me. I have not had a flare up of symptoms in 5 years. I also used holistic medicine to conceive, carry, and have a natural childbirth. 

What I learned from my ‘sick time’ is that women tend to be ignored.  We are told to power through our symptoms or ignore them all together.  We have been trained to ignore the inherent voice our bodies have and trust a one size fits all diagnosis and treatment.  I’ve also learned that true health is something we must take charge of. We’ve got to find ways to integrate our spirits and bodies and busy lives.  Once we find that inner spark of natural intuitive balance – we are limitless.

I’m here to listen to you and help you feel better.  I’m here to help you get through the month without debilitating headaches or without painful cramping or mood swings.  Acupuncture will help you sleep better, think better, and yes – poop better. Herbal medicine will regulate your period, improve your emotional wellbeing, ease the symptoms of menopause, and help you get pregnant.  Doula services will help you get through the natural process of pregnancy and birth – naturally. This medicine can teach you to become an advocate for your own health. Now is the time to start. 

In January of 2014, I started pursuing a master’s degree in TCM and Acupuncture at the Colorado School for Traditional Chinese Medicine where I graduated three years later.  I am licensed by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), licensed by the state of Colorado, and certified in Clean Needle Technique (CNT).  My additional training is in Women’s Health, fertility, pre-and post-natal care, and menopause. I am currently working towards doula and pre-natal yoga certifications.

As a Colorado native, I love hiking, bird watching, and exploring the world with my husband and our daughter.  I also really nerd out about craft beer and board games. 


Holistic Health.  Whole You.